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ATS2018 Technical Program

Tutorial #1
Beyond DFT: The Convergence of DFM, Variability,Yield, Test, Diagnosis and Reliability
Dr. Srikanth Venkataraman
Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation
Dr. Robert C. Aitken
IEEE Fellow, ARM Inc.

Tutorial #2
Power-Aware Testing in the Era of IoT
Dr. Patrick Girard
CNRS Research Director in the Microelectronics
Department of LIRMM
Prof. Nicola Nicolici
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McMaster University
Prof. Xiaoqing Wen
Dept. of Creative informatics, Kyushu Institute of Technology

Keynote I
Security along SoC Design Lifecycle: CurrentPractices and Challenges Ahead
Prof. Mark M. Tehranipoor
Intel Charles E. Young Preeminence Endowed Chair
Professor in Cybersecurity
Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research,
University of Florida

Keynote Ⅱ
Robustness Challenges in the Internet of Things
Dr. Yervant Zorian
Synopsys Fellow & Chief Architect

Keynote Ⅲ
What Else Is Needed for Telecom Product Reliability beyond Manufacturing Test?
Dr. Xinli Gu
Senior Director with Huawei Technologies, USA